The Many Faces of Jeff Gardiner

I enjoy performing a variety of roles in my other life as an actor. I’ve been lucky enough to work as a supporting artist for TV and film; perform in scare mazes and at other public events. Here are some of the images of me over the last few years:

A man in uniform.ww2-fireman1

Not so sure about this wig for ‘The Royals’:


This moustache was seen on ‘Downton Abbey’.


As a Beefeater on ‘The Crown’ – episode 1



Not for the faint-hearted. A selection of characters from scare mazes and street theatre from Tulleys Shocktober Festival.

2016-5 2016-192016-26 img_0151img_0858

Just so you don’t have nightmares . . .  I was Santa in Jersey at the Narnia Experience.


Take care and keep smiling. . .

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