The Many Faces of Jeff Gardiner

I enjoy performing a variety of roles in my other life as an actor. I’ve been lucky enough to work as a supporting artist for TV and film; perform in scare mazes and at other public events. Here are some of the images of me over the last few years:

A man in uniform.ww2-fireman1

Not so sure about this wig for ‘The Royals’:


This moustache was seen on ‘Downton Abbey’.


As a Beefeater on ‘The Crown’ – episode 1



Not for the faint-hearted. A selection of characters from scare mazes and street theatre from Tulleys Shocktober Festival.

2016-5 2016-192016-26 img_0151img_0858

Just so you don’t have nightmares . . .  I was Santa in Jersey at the Narnia Experience.


Take care and keep smiling. . .

GAIA TRILOGY: the Ancient Secrets of Nature Revealed

The Gaia trilogy, beginning with PICA, is a fantasy series that explores environmental issues in a modern world.

Luke uncovers ancient magic and some of Nature’s lost secrets in an exciting race to save Mother Earth from environmental disaster. But can one person save the planet alone?

Shape-shifting adventure as Luke’s mission becomes more complex and his fame goes global. He meets a group of others who also have a close affinity with Nature.

Can Luke live up to his unwanted reputation as the new messiah? Will it all go to his head?  Can he find Gaia before she gasps her final breath?

Reviews for The Gaia trilogy:

“The strong ecological theme is very pertinent in this time of global warming. I highly recommend this talented writer.”

 “Superbly written – intended for young adults, thoroughly enjoyed by older ones too!”

“It truly stretched my imagination. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. An excellent fantasy story for teenagers to adults of any age.”

“This imaginative story continues brilliantly and beautifully with unexpected twists and turns. It was a joy to read.”