What the reviews say about MYOPIA.

MYOPIA cover 2***** “A really enjoyable read with charming characters that stay with you long after you finish the book. A believable and grounded story with a few surreal surprises.”

***** “an awe inspiring cleverly written book … a realistic portrayal of teenage life.”

***** “This was a really great read … I loved how Jeff Gardiner showed that being a loser doesn’t mean there’s no room for redemption … Real people are portrayed very well, and sadly there are all too real situations, but Jeff Gardiner quite clearly demonstrates that the world is clearer for a bit of acceptance of our differences.”

***** “Brilliant book. I couldn’t put it down.”

***** “Although this book is written for teenagers it is also an excellent read for adults. Anyone who has had to deal with the effects of bullying or been the victim of it will be able to relate to the messages in this book and the author uses his teaching experience to create a realistic setting whilst overlaying it with a cracking tale. The story moves along at a fast pace and the beginning captivates the reader with the central character, Jerry, being physically and mentally tortured in school by his arch-nemesis Wayno … However, this serious undertone is supplemented with plenty of good humour and even a touch of romance.”

***** “compelling and challenging, a lovely read.”

***** “Jerry, the central character, is very compelling. He is at times cool and sure then suddenly out of his depth and blundering into dangerous mistakes and wild fantasies; very believable for someone of that age and in those circumstances … It would make a good starting point for a discussion about bullying either in a family or the classroom.”

***** “Don’t be short sighted, buy this book!”

***** “Lovely read.”

myopia3  Click this cover image to purchase ‘Myopia’


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