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My Exciting News…

My exciting news is that I’ve just signed a contract for a three book deal with Accent Press.

Publishing-with-passion Accent

‘Pica’ will be the first novel in the Young Adult ‘Gaia Trilogy’. The novel is ready for editing and due some time soon in 2015.

Pica Pica is the latin name for a magpie. The novels consider how people in the 21st century have forgotten how to manipulate natural powers once common in ancient times. When Luke meets Guy – a strange and lonely boy – he begins to see a glimpse of the powers that humans once possessed. The Gaia Trilogy explores environemental themes that affect the entire planet.


I’d like to thank Sam Curtis and Lorraine Mace, and I look forward to working with Accent Press on ‘Pica’ and the Gaia Trilogy.

Exciting times ahead.

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Treading On Dreams: Review

Treading on Dreams by Jeff Gardiner - 1800-300dpi

4.5 stars

To me this was a coming of age story with a bit of a YA feel to it. Donny and Hazel, fraternal twins, head off to college. Hazel is a bit of a wild child ready to spread her wings while Donny has been the one to be a parent pleaser and quieter. The landlord of the house they live in is a bit older and filled with a zest for life while their other housemate is a dedicated female that Donny becomes obsessed with. While at college they meet a number of interesting people, party, fall in and out of love and one of them even gets so desperate that suicide seems the best option. There is a happily ever after for some but not for all in this book. There are friends that help both Donny and Hazel to grow and finally move down the life path that opens for them. This story is well written, told from Donny’s perspective and includes drama, happiness, sadness and more. It is a very “British” book and for me that made it even more fun since I am American. 
(Cathy Geha, Library Thing)
Other reviews:
This was a wonderful book and I was sad to see it end. (Belinda Wilson, WilsonTH Blog – 5 out of 5 stars)
The journey is intriguing and Jeff Gardiner depicts it with adept skill! (Viviane Crystal, Crystal Book Reviews)