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LAW OF CHAOS: what the reviewers are saying

LOC final cover“Jeff Gardiner knows his stuff. Somehow, he has been able to jam detailed, incisive discussion about all of Michael Moorcock’s work into one book that’s around 160 pages. But it’s 160 really good pages. You’ll get a crash course in the master’s work, and a huge reading list. So be ready.”

(Joe Crowe,,


“Gardiner’s guide is something of a restless beast, being accessible and critically appreciative of its subject … he offers academic analysis on the pre-eminent characters of Moorcock’s writing and direct insight on their inter-location through the myriad of books he has written. Interspersed amongst this are insights into Moorcock’s writing process, shared by a writer who clearly trusts and respects his critic.

‘Law of Chaos’ is without doubt the essential Michael Moorcock primer for fans and critics. Any would-be critic or enthusiastic reader should start here. For those uninitiated to the vast pantheon of work produced by ‘the master Storyteller of our time’ as labelled by Angela Carter, would do best to start with those stories and then look to Gardiner’s work as a signpost for further adventures.”

(Allen Stroud – British Fantasy Society)


“Brought this as a present for my husband he seemed to really like it. Pleased with this purchase.”

(Amazon Customer  ***** )

LOC final cover

Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse

THE LAW OF CHAOS: THE MULTIVERSE OF MICHAEL MOORCOCK is now out in paperback and eBook formats.

Jeff Gardiner’s ‘The Law of Chaos’ is a must for any fan of Michael Moorcock’s work. Here you’ll find fascinating stories about the author’s life, but also a thorough appraisal of his vast catalogue of work, plus an examination of the enormous influence Mike has had – and continues to have – upon the SF and Fantasy genres. A work of love – and written with colour and style.’                                                                 Storm Constantine

LOC final cover

From Jerry Cornelius and the Eternal Champion fantasies to Pyat and more recent novels, THE LAW OF CHAOS is an entertaining reader’s guide that explores the life and achievements of MICHAEL MOORCOCK, one of modern literature’s most influential figures. All Moorcock’s works are examined and discussed in detail, from early fantasies to his later philosophical novels.

With an introduction and other material by Moorcock himself, THE LAW OF CHAOS travels the moonbeam roads through the enigmatic multiverse of a celebrated literary icon that is accessible to all.

 “Jeff Gardiner’s excellent book has offered me many fresh insights into my own work. I can genuinely celebrate the publication of this book.”                                                                                                                 Michael Moorcock


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‘A well-written overview of Michael Moorcock’s complete works. This is an ideal book for anyone looking to get a quick critical grasp on Moorcock … very illuminating.’                            Stephen Theaker



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