Song of the Agnostic Innkeeper

Crooked Cat authors have been posting seasonal stories and poems linked with their Christmas With Crooked Cats Facebook page.  Today is my turn, so I thought I’d post a poem to challenge us in our thoughts about Christmas. I really do think that we all need to be honest about what we believe in.



Song of the Agnostic Innkeeper


These people knocking on my door!

“There is no room for any more.”

But to a tired and pregnant stranger

I gave my cowshed and the manger.


Next morning I beheld a sight:

My stable gleamed in starry light.

A mother nursed her little child

While her husband stood and smiled.


Then I heard something quite odd.

They claimed this was the son of God.

The mother let me hold the boy

And doing so filled me with joy.




Now I’m older, thinking back,

Is it just blind faith I lack?

I heard of miracles and more

And felt this great need to explore.


While others round me joined the church

I continued with my search.

I read commandments, religious laws;

Of punishments and holy wars.


There’s much I’m not convinced about;

My only certainty is doubt.

I cannot say with hand on heart

That I believe each separate part.


Is there a god? I’m just not sure.

That answer’s honest to my core.

Can anyone prove otherwise?

Is faith what’s seen with our own eyes?


Who was that child in my stable?

Were his powers just a fable?

And does it matter anyway

If we’re kind and selfless every day?


Is there a god out there above,

Or should we simply call it – ‘love’?



Read a free humorous story by Jeff Gardiner exploring similar themes, here:









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