Author Interview: Sarah Louise Smith

sarah-louise-smithI’d like to welcome author Sarah Louise Smith to my blog.  Her new novel Independent Jenny is out today. It’s another fabulous read for anyone who enjoys romantic fiction.  Click on cover images or links below to purchase Sarah’s books.

Sarah Louise Smith lives in Milton Keynes, UK, with her husband, a cute cat and a loopy golden retriever. She has an extremely lovely step-daughter and spends most of her free time writing, reading, cooking, and taking long walks.

She’s the author of three chick-lit novels: Amy & Zach, Izzy’s Cold Feet, and her brand new novel,  Independent Jenny, all published by Crooked Cat.

Sarah’s website/blog:

  What are the main themes explored in Independent Jenny?

Loyalty. Trust. Love.

Tell us more about Jenny and her dilemmas.

Jenny finds out in Chapter 1 that her husband Ross has cheated on her and goes on a journey whereby she’ll get a crush on her brother-in-law (the lovely Aiden, who happens to like her back – awkward!), is begged by Ross for forgiveness, goes on holiday with her friend Hayley to clear her head, but only gets more confused when she meets the lovely Will – an ex-boyfriend who is also now married. Essentially, it’s about a woman who gets betrayed and goes on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Independent Jenny

You have two main settings. Why are they important?

Jenny’s hometown of Bath and her holiday location of the Isle of Skye are almost like two additional characters in the novel. Very different – a busy city and a rural, quiet island. I love both of these places and really wanted to write about them, and I think my love of them comes through Jenny, too. She loves her hometown, but also adores Skye. They offer her different things; her business and friends are in the city, but the beauty of Skye is so romantic, too.

Do you see any connection between your novels?

Obviously with chick-lit (aka romantic comedy) you get a lot of similar themes; love being the main one. I’ve also had a few characters pop up with cameo’s in each of my books so they’re connected in a fictional sense too!

This is your third novel. Does the writing process get easier or harder?

Easier, for sure. It took me a long time to write Amy & Zach; I didn’t know how to structure a story or how to even reach full-novel length. Izzy’s Cold Feet was a little easier. Independent Jenny I felt much more confident about how I would tell the story, and my next novel is being written in record time!

Sarah Louise Smith

Tell us about your current work in progress.

It’s about Ellen, who tells a lie during a romantic fling. But when the fling turns into something much more serious, it’s too late to go back.

Sounds great – look forward to that one. You have some skill and experience in marketing. Any good tips for other authors?

Use social media, blogging and so on regularly. Be engaging, find relevant/fun content, and create a brand for yourself. Believe in yourself and your product, but don’t push it on anyone.

How do you manage to hold down two careers?

With great difficulty! My house is often dusty, and my friends often get neglected. But I love both my marketing executive role and my writing career – and right now I seem to be able to just about have both. I don’t complain about my lack of free time though – I consider myself incredibly lucky.

Independent Jenny

About Independent Jenny:

“I slept with someone else.” Those five words changed everything.

After her husband Ross drops a bombshell, Jenny’s emotions go hay-wire. Things are made even more complex when his brother Aiden makes a confession of his own…

A holiday escape with her friend Hayley seems the perfect way to figure out what – and who – she wants. But Hayley has a hidden motive that results in Jenny spending time with her ex-boyfriend Will, who is now married.

Should Jenny forgive Ross? Can she ignore her feelings for romantic Aiden? And why can’t she get Will out of her head?

One thing is for sure: Jenny doesn’t want to be alone. Surely any man is better than no man, right?

Izzy cover

You can purchase paperbacks or e-versions from all the usual online book sellers.

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Thanks, Sarah. Best of luck with Independent Jenny.


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