Top 10 Tips on Writing.

ML Jeff2On my blog, I frequently interview authors and one question I like to ask is ‘What advice do you have for less experienced writers?‘ Ithought it would be interesting to pick out what I thought were the most useful comments from over the last few years.

So here are my Top Ten Tips on Being a Writer from a selection of indie authors that have appeared on my blog.


Write, write and write. Read, read and read. You must write every day but set a realistic goal – maybe ten minutes a day. And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage it sometimes. It’s a long hard road but worth it.                                                                                           Gill James

Just write. Don’t get distracted by social media and television and everything else. Sit down and work hard.                   Sarah Louise Smith

Keep at it. The more you write, the more you will learn. And find some writing buddies (either online or in a writing group). It’s very easy to lose all sense of objectivity with your own stuff – a fresh pair of eyes can work wonders.                                                                  Sue Barnard

All the hard work we put in to our writing pays off when every time we complete a project. Turning up to greet the blank page every day is important too, so discipline is a key factor.                 Mary T Bradford

Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite until you cannot bear to look at the manuscript – and then rewrite again. Diamonds in the rough look like lumps of worthless rock, but underneath lies a sparkling and valuable gem. That is what a first draft is – your raw material, ready to be polished until it shines like a diamond.                       Lorraine Mace

mr platt

You must believe in yourself and your ability because if you don’t, no one else will. Take time to learn your craft, and never be too proud to take a bit of advice from others.                                         David Robinson

Don’t give up, especially if you get some bad feedback. Writing and reading are so subjective; what one person doesn’t like, another person loves.                                                                                    Zanna Mackenzie

Keep sending finished things out while you write more stuff. If your first novel is getting bounced back at you, go ahead and start your second.                                                                                                        David O’Brien

Generally I’d say develop a tough skin, because you will need it. Don’t worry about rejection. Everyone gets rejected and if they don’t I’d love to meet them! Even the Harry Potter books were rejected at first.                                                                                      Catriona King

Never give up. Getting published is a matter of getting the right manuscript on the right desk at the right moment. But be prepared, because getting published is only the beginning.       Charlene Raddon


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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips on Writing.”

    1. Hi Hailey/Darkroomdiva, That’s an interesting question. If you self-published and sales were limited then some publishers could still be interested. Crooked Cat Books recently published ‘The Calgary Chessman’ by Yvonne Marjot, which she had previously self-published. They improved the production values by designing a fab new cover for her and it was expertlys edited (by me!). The big publishing houses are also interested in self-published ebooks and do take a limted few on. I hope that answers your question. Regards, Jeff


      1. Okay, thanks for helping me out. I was just wondering if I should put my book up as an ebook when it’s finished…..cause I don’t know really how to set up a query letter or proposal or anything. Pretty much all I know how to do is write the story. XD


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