Igboland cover5My novel, IGBOLAND, is inspired by the photos, diaries and stories of my Mum and Dad, Janet and Gerald. They lived in the Nigerian bush for six years as missionaries, during the Biafran War. They faced many difficulties and hardships, but remember their time with great joy; for them it was a life -changing experience as a young couple. I was born out in Nigeria (in Jos), and my parents brought up two children with relatively few resources.

Below is a selection of some photographs from their time out there – taken between 1964-70.

1037 Village MethodistsA friendly welcome from the brightly-dressed local villagers.

1053 J with manse catMum and the pet cat – mainly kept to catch mice and rats.

box 1021 FrangipaniDad admiring the frangipani blossom. Plants grew very quickly and dramatically in the West African climate.

1080 Usha bridgeMy parents’ VW Beetle attempting to cross another precarious bridge. Most of the roads were dirt tracks, which after rain just became mud pits.

1127 specsA vital resource during the long dry seasons. The eagle-eyed among you might spot my brother – Trevor.

1133 JeffyThis is me, looking very determined (not to mention cross-eyed!). Proud to be born in Nigeria.

IGBOLAND is a tale of passion and conflict set in Nigeria in the 1960s. It is not the story of my parents, but a work of fiction using the context of my Mum’s diaries, and extensive research into Igbo culture and beliefs.

To purchase a copy visit my website: jeffgardiner.com/

or click on this cover imagecropped-igboland-cover6.jpg



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