Character Interview: Jerry from MYOPIA

Here’s an interview with the character Jerry Hough from ‘MYOPIA’: a contemporary novel which explores responses towards bullying and prejudice. This interview was first published on Nancy Jardine’s Blogspot.




Where do you live?

Crawley, West Sussex – born and bred. Some people dismiss it as just a New Town near Gatwick Airport, but we did this project at school which shows there’s lots of history from Victorian and even Medieval times. Crawley is a major town with lots of history. My dad keeps reminding me that the band The Cure come from here too.It’s a great place to live. It gets criticised and it can be noisy on a Saturday night, but it has great parks, an amazing cinema and state of the art sports centre. Plus Crawley Town F.C. are now in the Premiership and are going to win the Champions League this year.

What would be your ideal place to stay for a month?

India. First because it’s exotic and hot. Secondly, I could go with Mindy and visit her family. Her dad, who’s a really cool guy, was born in Bengal which sounds beautiful. Then he moved to Hyderabad where the family now live.

What would you do there that would be different from what you normally do in a day?

Not go to school! Spend some quality time with Mindy and have a break from lessons and being bullied by those gits Wayno and Rhino.

Tell me 6 things about yourself.

That’s a bit personal isn’t it? Oh, okay … I’m short-sighted; my best friend is Silu; you may have worked out by now that I fancy a girl called Mindy (full name Parminder Sidhu); I hate Wayno more than anyone else in the world; wearing glasses is truly bad for my street-cred; and, finally, keep this to yourself, but I think I might be developing these special powers – but that’s top secret and if you tell anyone then I’ll probably have to kill you!

How would your girlfriend describe you?

Mindy seems to think I look cool in my specs (she’s the only one). She is a bit concerned about my behaviour at times – but I can’t tell her about Myopia … not yet.myopia b&w

Sounds like you want to change your lifestyle. What would you change first?

I want to be stronger, taller, handsome and generally more heroic. I need to learn how to stand up to Wayno and Rhino. My dad says I have to be more assertive, which is different to aggressive; and I’ve been reading about how to be assertive without being arrogant or cocky. I don’t want to end up like those two chavs.

That seems like a good plan. So, ignoring them – what’s your main form of relaxation?

Football. I play when I can and I support Crawley Town, who ARE going to win the Champion’s League this year! I hate shopping (except if I’m with Mindy, of course).

What do you see yourself doing a year from now?

I have a plan formulating in my mind which is going to stop the bullying once and for all. There’s lots to think about and plan if I’m going to get it right. So in a year’s time I can throw away the ‘victim’ sign on my back and be in control of my own destiny. Wish me luck.

Imagine you’ve been given a ticket for unlimited travel. Where would you go, and why go there?

I’ll follow Mindy to the ends of the earth! I want to be with her on a secluded beach in the sun, rubbing sun-tan lotion all over her beautiful … uh? Oh, sorry I’ve got to go – I’m late for my dinner and my dad’ll ground me for a century. Cheers and don’t forget to text me … ML Jeff3


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