MYOPIA by Jeff Gardiner

myopia3“Oi! You four-eyed freak!”

Jerry is bullied for wearing glasses. When he realises his short-sightedness is not a disability, but a different way of perceiving and understanding the world around him, he begins to see things from a new, unique perspective.

He even starts to believe he might have super-powers, but soon learns a great deal about himself and about the boy who is making his life such a misery.

As he becomes alienated from his girlfriend and best mate, both victims of racism, Jerry realises he needs to think hard and put his plan into action.

Has Jerry discovered a new way of dealing with prejudice?

Myopia is a novel about bullying, friendship and learning the hard way.


“An intelligent, skillful and well-written treatment of a serious subject”

(L.H. Healy of The Little Reader Libarary – Amazon top 500 reviewer and Vine Voice.)


Myopia is a poignant, beautiful and heart-wrenching story that resonates with truth, hope and above all, the immeasurable power of human compassion. Thoroughly recommended.”                                                      (T. J. Reids)



MYOPIA by Jeff Gardiner is available from

Or as a paperback and e-book

               ISBN – 978-1-908910-53-0


  Crooked Cat Books

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