Two New Reviews for MYOPIA

MYOPIA cover 2“A Triumphant Roar Against the Blind Stupidity of Bullying”

“Myopia is a YA novel of exceptional quality. The setting, story and characters
sing out with an unflinching and audacious authenticity. Gardiner tackles the
complex issue of bullying with sensitivity, skill and a kind of wisdom that
beats a defiant and persistent rhythm from within the heart of the book.”

“Myopia is a poignant, beautiful and heart-wrenching story that resonates with
truth, hope and above all, the immeasurable power of human compassion .
Thoroughly recommended.”

TJ Reids

For full review click here myopia3


“This is an important insightful book, that deals with the problem of bullying in schools.”

“A satisfying tale with a strong upbeat message, sorely needed in our sometimes depressing world.”

JL Bwye

Click here to see reviews in full





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