Book Launch for ‘A Glimpse of the Numinous’

Jeff Gardiner reading Heartwood from ‘A Glimpse of the Numinous’
Special Guest: Marc Beer playing one of his own compositions

The six finalists: Jeff’s Creative Writing students
who read out their fiction, monologues and poetry
A glimpse of the melodramatic: reading from ‘Writer’s Block’
A glimpse of the ‘old’minous

The evening was a celebration of creativity and the written word. Six creative writing students – Daniel Harris, Lydia Clark, Steven Hardy, Chris Patey, Tahrif Naqvi and Olivia Meagher – read out their fiction, monologues and poetry. Their writing came out of a workshop on ‘Numinous writing’: expressing that sense of the sublime or metaphysical – of something out the ordinary.

A competition was also held for absurd definitions of the word numinous. Here are some of my favourites:

“spooky bats and magic” (Emily Gardiner, aged 7)

“Nu-min-ous – ba ba ba-ba ba” – To the tune of the Muppet’s ‘Ma-na-ma-na’ (Marc Beer)

“Not Usually Materialisation Infact Nearly Only Usually Supernatural” (Steven Hardy)

“An aspect of being at the right place at the wrong time, in a place that you never normally go to, breaking away from routine” (Samuel James Martin)

“A fear of words you do not understand” (Chris Patey and Holly May)

“A feeling of restless anxiety” (Kate Green)

“The opposite of ‘oldminous’ (Gerald Gardiner)

“A journey of exploratory fears” (Priscilla Hill)


One thought on “Book Launch for ‘A Glimpse of the Numinous’”

  1. When I started Numinous Writer, I never expected to spend so much time sharing about poetry. After all, I am better versed in novels, short stories, philosophy and religious texts than poetry — and I have not written much poetry myself. But lately I keep returning to the topic. There are many reasons why I think that is. I already opened today’s post by stating Numinous Writer is a democratic enterprise. And the fact is poetry is one of the most democratic forms of writing. Just about everyone has tried it. You don’t need wealth, privilege or education; you are now fully equipped as a human being to be a poet; you only need a desire to share an experience with another. Just think, one political prisoner on death row can scratch a single line on a cell wall and propel a generation into a revolution.


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