Affair Retail (beginning of a scrambled story) by Jeff Gardiner

(Read the following paragraph out loud and listen carefully for its real meaning. It is made of real words, which when put together can sound like something else entirely.)

At rue missed hairy beg an when a stranger rap peered in horse spittle fuller bully toll sand other soup official wounds. Furze staid was sad mini stirred buy the docked tours until the magnet chewed of his con dish hen bee came map parent. Heed I’d too wow were slate tar. A bloods ample reeve eel desist ham two contain owe pea eights. Father re: search eye dent if eye dim as won Albert Ross, a farmer cyst from Hamster Teeth. One of thinner says had bean a cussed hummer office so shit hold the poll lease it sew append Alb hurt was sack hem mist whose old medic calls applies. His death was a mister reef or shore – peep pull cud knot egg splay nit.

(If you’re still stuck then the first line begins ‘A true mystery began when a stranger appeared …’ )


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